Need a girl to communicate with foreigners on whatsapp or Hangouts


17 Июл 2019
Below is a manual (so that you understand the whole essence of the work) and the screen of interested clients for one day of work
Dating is a topic in which we will breed pendosov on dating sites. Although it is relevant to this day, it is certainly much more complicated than the same 2-3 years ago, but you can work. And so where to start?

To start, we will need:

1. A girl ready to help you (or you can be a girl yourself))), her duties will include communication over the Vassap (knowledge of English is not important, but desirable!), Western reception, moneygram or Unistream. we also need her photos of pieces 10-15
2. Register with her photos on dating sites, as an example I will give such a site, google and wrestle the more the better. It will be even more productive to work on dating sites, and to register for 10-15 of them.
3. Letter templates.
In principle this will be enough for now. Look through the different profiles, polish them, and in return you will see quite a few likes of your page on the next day. Among those who put like in response there will be quite a few VIPs, pendosov with a subscription. If you do not have a subscription, on most of the sites you will not be able to write private messages, only you can reply with the template messages that the site offers. Among the templates everywhere there is a message like "If you liked my profile so much, could you consider a gift subscription?" we send these messages to all wi-fi, someone will pay you a gift subscription. This is an ideal option so that the account does not get stuck, but if you can drive a subscription you can drive it yourself, or order a drive in%, and the third option is to pay the blood subscription for the 20-25th dollar)))
And so we received a subscription, now we need to give our alternative contacts to everyone who likes. We send the message as like

I really liked you, I would not want to lose contact with you, if it’s interesting to continue our acquaintance answer me by email so and so.

Then letters will fly to the soap, again, according to the template, we all respond with something like this.

My name is Victoria. I am 27 years old. My height is 167 cm, weight is 53 kg. I have never been married and I have no children.
I had several serious relationships with men of my age, but this did not lead to anything serious. From my bitter experience, I realized that most men of my age are irresponsible. For them, noisy parties, clubs, bars are important. I'm not interested. I want to meet a man to create a family.
My good friend Tanya met a man from Canada. The man is 15 years older than her, but they were happy together. Tanya is now in Russia. Half a year she lived in Canada. Recently returned to Russia to prepare documents for permanent residence in Canada.
Last week we met by chance in a store. I was delighted with the sudden changes in her personal life. Tanya advised me also to start looking for a man abroad. She said that many Western men dream of a Russian wife, so I also decided to look for relationships on the Internet.
My city is called Omsk, which is located on the Irtysh River. This is a big city. For you to understand, more than 1,000,000 people live in my city.
I will be glad to tell more about myself if you would be interested to continue our communication.
Tell me more about yourself. What is your height and weight? How long are you alone? Maybe you already have children? Do you want more children?
Please send me your photos.
Your girlfriend is from Russia, Victoria.

We are waiting for the second response from pendosov. Do not rush to respond instantly to his letters, answer 1-2 times a day. All answers are based on a template, the template needs to be edited in the process of correspondence, depending on what you said penchik! Usually, I send 3-4 letters as a template, and then I have to talk about the situation. Sooner or later, he will ask to first send more of his photos, you send, asking for more of his photo. Next, a few letters and a bunch of mutual complements, mi-mi-mi, love carrots! You can ask to be contacted via video in a hangout or Skype, but in most cases they ask for a video connection themselves! To which you answer something like this.

Sihle Godfery, thank you for your nice compliments.
I managed to find your city on the Internet. beautiful city.

I have never before communicated with a man from ..... I really want to continue our communication.
It will be a pleasure to continue our communication on a daily basis. Gradually, we can get to know each other closer. It is a pity that I did not know English, we could communicate by video link ((And my phone to be repaired, the day after tomorrow they will make. I will write you in Whatsapp day after tomorrow. I hope that our dialogue will lead us to a serious relationship in the future.
You have me very like you. You look much younger than men in Russia. You are a fashionable and stylish man. Now I understand what my girlfriend was talking about. The difference in our age doesn’t bother me at all. I think we can become a great couple.
I am 27 years old, but I believe that my psychological age is much older. I had a difficult childhood, so I was forced to grow up early.
I do not know my parents. I grew up in an orphanage. All my life I was alone. I was forced to fight for my existence alone. Difficulties in childhood hardened my character.
At the moment I live in a rented apartment. I live alone the last 3 years, when my last relationship with a guy ended.
Frankly, I'm tired of living alone. I want a change. I want to fall asleep and wake up in the arms of my man. I want to take care of my man and our future children, if fate gives us them. I want a quiet, peaceful and family life.
I decided to start a search for a man abroad. If your relationship grows, then you will be ready to leave. Nothing but my work keeps me here.
I hope you were interested in learning more about me.
I would love to hear your story. Did you have parents? Did you bring up a full-fledged family? Maybe you have brothers and sisters? Feel free to tell me about them. Learn more about each other.
I wish you a great day and a great mood. I would like to see your photos.
Your friend Victoria.

If you had time to notice
The girl should prepare for the call. Beautiful makeup, neckline, harvested phrases for engl (if she doesn't know English).
If you’re a sexy girlfriend, you’re a girlfriend When it comes to moving, you can congratulate you on the home stretch!
Three options are commonly used.
1. No money for a ticket.
2. According to the laws of our country, it’s not. If you are going away from the country, But there is no official announcement.
3. I will not be able to pay leave debts.

Push it out, if you’ve been able to move it, you’ll be quick money.

The second is a grammatical and is designed for misers. It was spent on a ticket, you have to leave it for you. $ 1,500. On this option is the most.

The third Varick is also very good, breaking almost 100% with this haircut. For a long time, I’m going to send you money, Usually they are very welcome and they can send $ as much. 2 years ago, I was paid pendosov)))) And so it happened, I’m paying it a little) Western codes) You call the girl, she pours

If you’re doing so, it’s possible to make sure that you’ll be able to do it. and keep order in every possible way, since or template.

It is also possible to transfer to $ several times. For example, customs officers, closer to you, Roma deceived, etc. It is an ideal place for you to travel. You will be surprised but it rolls. Not only that)))) you can invent all new stories))))


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